JV in the NTX JV Showcase


The JV Lady Knights went 2-2 in the NTX JV Showcase this weekend in Lindsay. With 1 day of practice with these girls, I was really pleased. We still have a lot to learn. They are very coachable. We learned what an Infield Fly was in this tournament and sometimes it does get cold when we play this sport, so you need to dress warm. We did some great things with some catches in the outfield and almost everyone getting on base or hitting the ball. Here are the scores and the stats from the games.

Game 1 vs. Denton Ryan
6-8 loss
Kyla Metzler- run,
Kourtnie Reiter- single, run, PO, RBI
Corinn Schully-single, run,
Tatum Fleitman-run, PO, RBI
Macy Hawkings-double, run, 2 RBI
Abby Hellman-single, 2 RBI
Cassidy Tackett-2 PO, AST
Ella Klement-run, PO

Corrin Schully took the loss in the circle facing 17 batters, striking out 1, walking 4, allowing 6 hits on 5 earned runs.

Game 2 vs. Peaster
10-6 Win
Kyla Metzler-single, 2 runs, 7 AST, SB, RBI
Kournie Reiter-single, run, SB, RBI
Corinn Schully-2 runs, 2 AST
Tatum Fleitman-PO, RBI
Macy Hawkins-run, PO, RBI
Jenna Parkhill-run, 2 PO, RBI
Cassidy Tackett-single, PO, RBI
Rory Dulock-run
Ella Klement-run
Addison Stanart-run

Jenna Parkhill won the battle in the circle facing 20 batters, striking out 4, walking 9, allowing 3 hits on 3 earned runs.

Game 3 vs. Trenton
4-10 loss
Kyla Metzler- 2 runs, AST,
Kortnie Reiter- single, Run, 2 PO, AST
Corinn Schully-run, PO, 3 AST
Tatum Fleitman-single, 7 PO, AST, RBI
Macy Hawkins-single, double, PO, 3 RBI
Jenna Parkhill-single
Cassidy Tackett-AST, SB

Corinn Schully took the loss in the circle facing 26 batters, walking 2 allowing 8 hits on 2 earned runs.

Game 4 vs. Decatur
9-6 win
Kyla Metzler-2 singles, 2 runs, AST
Kortnie Reiter-run, SB
Corinn Schully-single run, PO, AST, RBI
Tatum Fleitman-triple, 2 runs, 3 PO, SB
Macy Hawkins-single 2 runs, 2 PO, 3 AST, RBI
Abby Hellman-2 singles, AST, SB, 2 RBI
Addison Stanart-run

Corinn Schully took the win in the circle facing 16 batters, walking 4, allowing 5 hits on 2 earned runs.

The JV does not have games this week. JV will play Argyle March 2 in Lindsay following the varsity game.